Groove Monthly: Workspaces, Fallback Merge Fields, and more!


Recently Released Features!


Workspaces | Groove blog.gif

Groove Workspaces is now fully released! Workspaces will provide you with a clean and efficient way to work on top accounts and collaborate with teammates. It can be a powerful alternative to a spreadsheet if you’re ready to try something different!

 Key Benefits:

  • Create custom account lists with additional Salesforce data

  • Collaborate with teammates to increase account engagement

  • Keep track of your top targets throughout the sales cycle

 We're eager to hear your thoughts on how Workspaces will be useful to you! Feel free to reply with a personal use case where you're excited to use Workspaces, or learn more about the feature below.

Fallback Merge Fields

Fallback Merge Fields | Groove blog.gif

Groove has always allowed you to insert "merge fields" into your email templates which automatically insert customer data from Salesforce like “First Name” or “Company”. However, Salesforce info is sometimes incomplete, forcing you to manually fill out the merge field before sending. Now, you can create fallback merge fields so that blank merge fields will automatically be completed with your preferred "replacement text"!

Did you know?

Activity History via Omnibar

Activity History via Omnibar | Groove blog.gif

With some Salesforce contacts and accounts having hundreds of activities, it can sometimes feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack when prepping for critical customer calls. Did you know that Groove provides a “superpowered” version of the Salesforce Activity History in our Omnibar? Here are a few things you can do in Groove that you can’t do in Salesforce:

  • One click to open an entire email thread rather than clicking through tons of different emails in SFDC

  • Sort by the type of activity to quickly narrow the list to just show emails or calls

  • Search the activity history to find emails or calls where important words are mentioned (like pricing or budget!)

Coming Soon!

A/B Testing

A/B Testing | Groove blog.gif

In Groove Flow today, reps can automate their communications with prospects and customers by creating sequences of emails, calls, and LinkedIn messages. Soon Groove will be releasing what many of you have been waiting for - A/B testing for email steps! More to come soon...