Groove Monthly: Omnibar Search, Vidyard Integration, New Analytics, & More!

Vidyard integration, new analytics, and a highly anticipated update to Omnibar

Groove Vidyard Integration

Omnibar Search

You ask, we deliver: You can now use the search bar at the top of your Omnibar to find any record in Salesforce you’re looking for and instantly pull up the details.


Vidyard Integration

We’re very excited to announce our newest integration with Vidyard. You can now include videos in your Groove templates, and send them out in your Flows! Instead of trying to cram all the most relevant details into a concise email, this integration gives you the freedom to supplement a short email with an introduction video, a quick product demo, or maybe a customer testimonial.

This feature is enabled upon request; please ask your Groove admin to reach out to if you’d like to start sending videos in your Flows.

Enhanced Analytics

Groove’s recent enrichments to your Analytics Dashboard provide more insight into why your Flows and templates are successful, who on the team is achieving the best results, and where you might be able to improve, including:

  • Groove Scoreboards on each page for a quick preview on the numbers

  • Metrics on how positive results were driven by your sales process

  • Admins, Analysts, and Team Leads can select individual users, teams, or a combo of both to dive into the numbers.

Look for an asterisk (*) below — that’s new data that is being collected for you in Groove.

Activity Tab

The Activity Tab now provides you with a quick snapshot on all of the activities you’ve completed over the selected time frame. The Emails, Calls, and Tasks columns show you the actions you’ve taken, while the Meetings Booked* and Positive Conversations* columns help you understand how your efforts are paying off in terms of successful outcomes.


Flows Tab

The Flows Tab now provides you with a detailed history of your performance using Flows. Here you can see how many Flow actions you’re completing, how your prospects are connecting with your efforts, and how closely you’re sticking to your To-Do list.

How can I use this information?

1. Take a look at the open, click, and reply rates to understand how engaging your Flow is. Then compare that to how many meetings were booked* and how many positive conversations* were held to determine how productive the Flow is.

Groove Sales Analytics

2. Deselect the Flow* with the most steps completed or the highest open rate to analyze how impactful that Flow is.


3. Drill into a Flow to understand which steps are attracting your prospects the most, and identify when and where any drop off might be.


4. View your Process Analytics* to get a snapshot of your net progress. This section displays valuable stats over a given time frame, including:

  • How many new people you started reaching out to

  • How many total steps you completed

  • The percentage of steps completed on time

  • The percentage of steps skipped


Templates Tab

Get an idea how successful your email templates are — whether you’ve sent them through Gmail or Flow. Check out open, click, and reply rates to determine whether the template is performing well, or whether there’s room to improve the messaging.

Groove Sales Engagement Software

Emails Tab

See a breakdown of how many emails you’re sending and how compelling your message is to prospects. Drill into your Email Log to see who specifically is interacting the most with your emails.


Calls Tab

View an assessment of your cold calling and phone communication skills. Quickly scan the metrics on total calls, conversation rate, and positive conversation rate*, then drill down for the specifics. Jump into your Call Log to review conversation details by prospect, and use the search bar or sort columns to filter the folks you called.


For non-Dialer customers, the results of all calls logged on Flow “make a call” steps are mapped back to your Call Analytics. For Dialer customers, the results of all calls logged through your Dialer — through Gmail, Salesforce, or Flow — are mapped to this page.

Groove’s enhanced analytics are only available on our new UI. If you haven’t already, jump over to the new UI, and check out your performance

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Groove Customer Success at

For team leads and managers, click here to learn more.

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