Groove Monthly: New Step Types, Account Collaboration, and more!


Recently Released: New Step Types

New Step Types | Groove blog.png

In Groove Flows today, you can automate your customer outreach by creating sequences of email, call and even LinkedIn step types. This month, we introduced three new step types to enhance your customer communication experience!

Now users can create:

  • In-person visit steps for onsite meetings or office visit meetings

  • Direct mail steps for when they are physically sending hand-written letters or gifts to prospects

  • SMS steps for sending text messages directly through Flow (Dialer and SMS licenses required)

Feature Reminder: Insert Specific Times via Scheduler

Scheduler | Groove blog.png

Groove Scheduler allows you to insert a link via email where customers can click to view your realtime calendar availability and quickly book a meeting. Did you know that Groove also offers an alternative where you can insert a few specific times to better control when and how a customer schedules time with you?

Pause People in Flows

Pause People in Flows | Groove blog.png

Summer is on the horizon and that means vacation time!  If you're using Groove Flow to communicate at scale with your customers, you may be receiving pesky ‘Out of Office’ replies as a result.  Don’t forget - you can pause those prospects within your flow until a date that you choose!

Coming Soon: Workspaces - Custom Account Lists

Today many sales reps work out of clunky spreadsheets to track their customer outreach and engagement, which can be time consuming and difficult to collaborate. Groove will be introducing Workspaces, a clean and efficient way to collaborate with teammates on your top accounts!

Pro Tips:

  • Account Executives can assign tasks to SDRs as reminders to reach out to important prospects.

  • The AE who closed a deal may have a shared Workspace with the Customer Success Manager who is working on onboarding the new customer.

  • Reps can understand which target accounts are the least/most engaged and derive a game plan for converting engagement into opportunities.

 We're eager to hear your ideas on how Workspaces could be useful to you!  Please feel free to reply with a personal use case where you're excited to use Workspaces, or learn more about the feature below!

Fallback Merge Fields

Fallback Merge Fields | Groove blog.gif

Groove allows you to insert "merge fields" into your email templates which automatically brings in customer information from Salesforce, i.e First Name or Company Name. However, Salesforce information can sometimes be incomplete - forcing you to manually fill out a merge field before sending. Soon, Groove will allow you to create fallback merge fields which will automatically complete any blank merge fields based on your preferred "replacement text"!