Groove Monthly: Meeting Notes in Omnibar, Accounts Page, and more!


Recently Released: Meeting Notes in Omnibar

Sales and customer reps juggle numerous tasks every day like making calls, sending emails and booking meetings.  Taking notes and recording them in Salesforce can sometimes get lost in the shuffle!  To make it easier to take your meeting notes and log them in Salesforce, we released Groove Notes in Google Calendar earlier this year. 

Today, we are taking Notes one step further by making them accessible from Groove's Omnibar underneath the Activity History tab!  By having your Meeting Notes easily accessible in the Omnibar, it will make it that much easier to craft the perfect email to your customers from Gmail or Groove Flow.  It will also allow you to connect more personally with each customer when you get them on the phone!

Meeting Notes in Omnibar | Groove blog.gif

Feature Reminder: Accounts Page

As a Sales or Customer Specialist, it’s difficult to stay focused and organized while managing hundreds, if not thousands, of accounts!  Wouldn't it be amazing to instantly get a big picture view and understand exactly which accounts are engaging and which ones are falling through the cracks?  Enter the Groove Accounts page! 

Accounts Page | Groove blog.gif

In our Accounts page, you can get the entire narrative of your account list in one single window.  Here are some helpful tips and use cases:

  • Sort by Effort/Engagement Score to understand which accounts are showing strong engagement signals and call your top contacts!

  • Drill into accounts that haven't been touched in a while and add contacts into a Flow campaign to drive new meetings!

  • “Star” your top accounts to make sure you prioritize them and build these strategic relationships.

We would love to hear some of your use cases and how the Accounts Page has increased your productivity!

Coming Soon: VoiceMail Drop

VoiceMail Drop | Groove blog.png

Groove’s Dialer gives you the power to click to call from Gmail, Salesforce or Groove, while also logging every single call to a Salesforce lead, contact and/or opportunity. We even deliver valuable insights from these calls with features like call recording and call coaching.

If only our customers picked up the phone every time...instead reps spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes every day just leaving voicemails! In our effort to give you time back in your day to spend on more productive tasks, we are proud to announce Voicemail Drop. Coming very soon, Voicemail Drop will allow you to leave unique pre-recorded voicemails with the click of a button!

If you are interested in using Voicemail Drop or our Dialer please reach out to your CSM or