Groove Monthly: Custom merge fields, pausing Flows, and more!

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Happy New Year! It’s a time for renewal and new beginnings. We’re working hard on lots of new features and updates that will make your work easier and help you stand out from your competition. Here are just a couple — and we have plenty more on the way, so stay tuned.

As always, we’re grateful for your partnership. Here’s to a great year together.


Chris Rothstein

CEO & Co-founder, Groove

Next Level Personalization

You’re probably reaching out to dozens (or even hundreds) of people at any given time. The folks you’re contacting are likely receiving just as many emails each week — with all of them asking for some time to connect. Needless to say, it’s critical that you personalize each email so that you stand out from the pack while also keeping an eye on your own efficiency.

We’re always looking for ways to ease your workload, and we’re pleased to introduce Custom Flow merge fields. You can tailor your Flow emails in bulk with unique messages or data that lives outside of Salesforce.

Setting up your custom merge fields in Flow

1. Create a CSV file with the Contacts or Leads you will import to the Flow. Include your custom merge fields as shown below; the column headers must start with “flow.”.


2. Insert the merge fields into a template with the following syntax to match the columns in your CSV file: {!flow.name_of_merge_field}. Make sure that template is in your Flow.


3. Import the Contacts or Leads into the Flow with the CSV file from step 1.


4. Click on "Complete merge fields" to preview and edit the inputs.


Click here for more details on Custom Flow Merge Fields.

Managing Out-of-Office Replies

Do you ever get an out-of-office message from a prospect in your Flow and want to make sure to follow up at the right time? You can pause those people until a specific date so that your next touch is after they return to work. No need to keep track of them on your own — just pause them from progressing in your Flow and move on to your next contact!

Here’s how it works

Let’s say you receive an automatic reply from a prospect. They’re out of town for a conference until next week. To pause them:

  1. Open your Omnibar and navigate to the Flows tab.

  2. Hover over the Flow you want to pause them in. Click the pause icon.

  3. Choose a date and click the checkbox to save.


Your contact won’t receive the next message in your Flow until the date you entered. You can resume them at any point if you decide you’d like to follow up sooner. Simply click the play button in Omnibar:


You can see who is paused from the People section of any of your Flows. You can also select “Resume person” to unpause them.


How does this help?

  • When someone is paused, they won’t progress in your Flow until the date you’ve set or until you manually resume their progression in your Flow. You won’t need to worry about them receiving automated emails from you.

  • They also won’t show up while you’re working on reaching out to the rest of the people due in your flow steps.

  • They’ll automatically become due once they are unpaused, so you don’t skip a beat or miss a follow-up.

Don’t forget

You can also log and pause people in your phone call steps, by choosing “More” in your call log:


Whether you are using Groove Dialer or not, there are a few situations when you may want to pause someone in a call step:

  1. You didn’t get ahold of a person you’re targeting, and you’d like to try a few more times before moving them to the next step. You might pause them for just a couple of days so that you can work through the rest of your leads on the step. You might revisit the people you paused later on.

  2. The lead picked up the phone but didn’t have time to chat, so they ask you to call back next week.

  3. You speak with an executive assistant who mentions that your prospect is on holiday, and tells you to try back next month after they’ve had a chance to catch up on things.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Groove Customer Success at

Company Updates

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