Groove Monthly: Exciting Omnibar Upgrades, Dreamforce Fun with Groove, and More!


Raising the (Omni)bar

We’ve made some upgrades to one of our customers’ favorite features: Omnibar. You can now see prospect engagement rates. And soon, Omnibar will have a pop out feature so you can move it wherever you’d like on your screen, and you'll be able to take notes on prospects and accounts.

Engagement insights

While browsing through Activity History for a contact, lead, or account, you’ll now see the rate at which they’ve opened, clicked, and replied to your emails.

The summary stats at the top show you their overall engagement with your emails, or scroll down to see how many times each email has been opened or clicked.


What can I do with this information?

  • Understand which messages pique your contacts’ interests so you can optimize future emails

  • Pinpoint where you’re getting less engagement so you can try a different approach

  • Learn which specific emails are gaining the most traction, so you know which templates to build on, reuse or share with your team

Open Omnibar in a new window (coming soon)

We know how convenient it is to be able to peek at Salesforce quickly while you’re working, so we’re giving you more control over where you use Omnibar.

Open Omnibar in its own window and place it wherever you’d like. You’ll be able to use it within Gmail and Flow as before, and it will automatically update based on the page you’re browsing in Salesforce!


No need to limit yourself to Gmail, Flow, and Salesforce while using your Omnibar; take it to a company website to quickly create contacts, leads, or accounts!


Omnibar notes

Are your notes on prospects and companies in a few different places (and some probably never make it into Salesforce)? Do you ever need to jot something down during a cold call? Our new notes feature in Omnibar will help you write quick information wherever you’re working, and they’ll sync back to Salesforce so the whole team can view and update them. The notes feature will show up as a new tab in Omnibar.

  • Bonus: Take your Omnibar to Twitter or another source to capture relevant information to use while reaching out


Tips for putting your notes to good use:

  • Follow up with a relevant and powerful email

  • Share key points with your teammates so that everyone is on the same page

  • Read the notes as a reminder for follow up action

Putting it all together

  1. Take your Omnibar to a company’s website

  2. Use the search bar to find that account in Salesforce, or create the account on the spot

  3. Jump into the account to view and update any notes on it

  4. View the Activity History and engagement metrics to check how warm the account is


See you at Dreamforce!


Are you traveling to San Francisco for Dreamforce? Let’s meet up! Get in touch with the Groove team at one (or all three!) of these events:

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  • We’re hosting a Pre-Dreamfest Party with our friends at Clearbit and Aviso! Swing by the 3rd Street Tap Room on September 26 from 4 - 7 pmon your way to the show. It's directly across the street!

  • Join us at the Sales Enablement Soiree for a day of thought leadership, networking with the best & brightest in sales enablement, and more! It’s on September 27 at the Four Seasons.

We’d love to see you (and we’d love to plan to have enough room for everyone) — RSVP today!


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