Groove Monthly: Best Practices for Automated Actions, Streamlined Collaboration, and More!


Feature Spotlight

Automatically Move People Between Flows, Update Salesforce, and More!

Automated Actions in Groove allow you to define triggers that will cause certain actions to take place — and once they’re set up, you don’t have to lift a finger. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do with Automated Actions.

Available Triggers:

  • On Import: Execute an action on everyone who is imported into a Flow

  • On Reply: Execute an action whenever someone replies to an email in your Flow

  • On Bounce: Execute an action whenever an email bounces from your Flow

  • On Complete: Execute an action whenever someone completes your entire Flow

Available Actions:

  • Update a Salesforce field

  • Add a Salesforce Task

  • Remove from Flow

  • Add to Flow

Best Practices

  • Automated Actions that update fields in Salesforce save you time, keep data consistent, and allow you to run relevant reports

    • On Import, update a lead’s status to “open.” You can then run a report on leads with a status that is NOT “open” and add them to a Flow as well!
  • Automated Actions are great for continually keeping in touch and checking in with your prospects

    • On Complete, add your prospects to a nurture Flow, so that they get a couple of touches over the next two months. On Completion of that Flow, maybe you can add them back to your original Flow or another more targeted Flow.

  • Automated Actions can also be a great assistant

    • On Bounce, add a Salesforce task to find the correct email address for the contact that bounced.

  • Managers: Set up Global Automated Actions that apply to all Flows in your organization. This feature is enabled upon request; please reach out to to learn more!

Setting Up your Automated Actions

1. Click into any one of your Flows, hover over the orange + icon on the top right hand corner, and select Add Automated Action.

9 pasted image 0.png

2. Choose a trigger based on when you want your action to take place, specify your action, and include any related details. It’s that easy!

10 Automated Action example.gif

Collaborate with your Team for the Best Results

Groove Teams enable you and your colleagues to work together and focus on what’s most important — getting results. Teams make it much easier to collaborate on templates and Groove Flows, so that the entire team is using the messaging that gets the best results.

How to Benefit from Teamwork in Groove

If you notice that you’re getting a great response rate from a certain Flow or template, share it with your team so that they can use it to connect with their prospects as well.

3 .gif

Share a template folder with your team with add/edit access so that you can all contribute and include your own templates within the folder for everyone to use.


Groove Admins can assign Team Leads and Analysts who can run reports on team performance and help continually refine processes.


New Features

Stay Groovy in the new Gmail UI — Groove is now fully optimized within Gmail’s new user interface. Feel free to switch over at any point!


Coming Soon: Revamped Analytics

Groove’s newest set of analytics will be focused not only on what you and your team are doing when reaching out to clients, but also on why your processes are successful.

Hint for Managers: To get the most insight out of the new data, start creating Groove Teams. Stay tuned for the new wave of analytics features that will be available to you over the next few weeks!


Stay tuned for the new wave of analytics features that will be available to you over the next few weeks!