Groove Monthly: Personalization Tips, Team Collaboration, and More!


Feature spotlight

Personalizing Your Emails at Scale

Well-crafted, informative emails that appeal to each buyer persona are critical to getting your prospects’ attention. That’s why Groove templates allow you to include information that is specific to each client, directly from Salesforce, via merge fields.

Create templates directly from Gmail, from your Templates tab in Groove, as well as when you are creating a Groove Flow.

To use merge fields with the template editor, click on the {!…} icon in the toolbar. You’ll see a dropdown menu of merge fields from the Contact, Lead, Account, and Opportunity objects; you can either use the search bar to find a specific field, or simply scroll down. Once you’ve selected the field you’d like to use, click the “Insert” button to include it in your template!

edit template.png
pasted image 0 (2).png


  1. If you would like to pull in custom fields that you do not see in the dropdown menu, you can use the following syntax to include them: “{!SFDC Object.API name of the field}”

  2. You can also use merge fields in the subject line of your email templates, by inserting them into the body, then cutting and pasting them into the subject line of your email template.

Start using merge fields so that you can personalize your messaging at scale!

Sharing Templates with your Team

Collaboration, consistency, and continuous improvement are key to maximizing your results and making better connections. That’s why Groove allows you to easily collaborate with your team on consistent messaging that your clients respond well to, using shared template folders. Shared folders can be used directly from Gmail, your Groove Templates page, and within Groove Flows!

There are a few different ways that shared templates empower you and your team to increase engagement from the folks you are reaching out to:

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Share your own templates that are getting high open, reply, and click rates so that your team can utilize messaging that has been proven successful.

folder sharing.png

Share your folders with individual users, Groove Teams, or your entire organization. Also you can decide who has access to add to and edit the template folder you’re sharing; any edits to a shared folder will be visible everyone who has access.

share with me.png

View the open, reply, and click rates of templates that have been shared with you, so that you and your team can continually refine them and increase their performance.

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Create duplicates of templates that have been shared with you, so that you can customize them to reflect your personal communication style, while maintaining the consistency of the original content.

New Features

Do not let customers book on short notice

Have you ever been caught off guard by an email saying that a client booked a meeting with you in just a few minutes, by using your scheduler link? You can now prevent that, by including your preferred amount of time before someone can book a meeting with you.

new feature.png

This option allows you to block off a certain number of hours in advance on your scheduler link, so that your clients can’t schedule meetings with you until after those hours have passed. That way, you have enough time to prepare.

You can access your meeting settings here!