Groove Monthly: Easy Meeting Scheduling, Email Attachment Tracking, and More!


Feature spotlight: Meeting Scheduler

How many times has it taken you more than three emails to schedule a meeting? It’s a process that everyone dreads — and you can usually feel a deal’s momentum slipping away with each email. Booking a meeting with more than one person? Forget about it.

That’s probably why our customers rave about Groove’s Meeting Scheduler so much. Here’s how it works:

  1. You include a Meeting Scheduler link in your email to a customer (or maybe you just have the link in your email signature all the time)

  2. Your customer clicks on the link and sees your availability. They pick a time that works for them.

  3. The meeting appears on your Google calendar and your customer receives an invitation, too. They can add more invitees if they’d like.

It couldn’t be easier! You can even set up different meeting types on the Scheduler Options page (maybe you need an hour for a demo, but only 20 minutes for a discovery call). Once your basic setup is complete, simply click “Insert Scheduler Link” from an email draft in Gmail, like this:


New Features

Attachment Open Tracking

Attachment Open Tracking gives you live updates on how your prospects and customers are engaging with files you send them as attachments! If you have Attachment Tracking enabled, you will receive notifications on your desktop and in your Groove activity feed every time someone views an attachment that you’ve sent them (along with any email open or link click notifications you’re already seeing).

Additional details on Attachment Tracking: Enabling this functionality, how to include attachments within templates, etc. 

New year, new stuff

New look & feel

We’re starting the new year with a fresh new look. We are already beta testing the new Flow interface, and you will notice significant performance improvements due to a new interface architecture. The new look was released in early February — we’d love to know what you think so far!

pasted image 0.png

Coming soon: More ABS features

We’re also working on new-and-improved features to support account based sales (ABS). If your team practices ABS, you will find it easier to focus on target accounts and orchestrate the many teams involved. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Groove will automatically segment all your target accounts and give you effort-to-engagement stats. That way you can see where you stand and focus on what matters.

  2. Groove will match leads to the right target account and give you account-level engagement signals in real time.

  3. If you’re already using automated actions, you’ll be excited to know that Groove will support more ABS events and actions. That way you can automate your sales process even further, leading to great time savings.

  4. Groove will indicate a “buyer persona” for each contact or lead, allowing you to easily tailor your outreach and increase engagement.

Let us know what you think

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