Groove Monthly: Even More Control Over Your Calendar

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It’s not easy to schedule meetings over email — it takes a lot of time, messages are missed, schedules change. You know the drill. But Groove’s Scheduler lets you avoid the tedious email back-and-forth, and we’re excited to share that it’s finally here — you can now select and send specific times for people to choose from!

Try it out

1. Click on the calendar icon in your Gmail composition window and select the new option at the top called “Add Specific Times”

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2. Schedule for yourself or for one of your teammates

3. Start with a blank invitation or apply one of your saved meeting types

  • Pro Tip: Start with a meeting type, but edit the invitation to personalize it for your client

4. Add other attendees if you’d like to include your colleagues on the meeting

5. Select times you’d like to send by dragging your mouse over desired slots on your calendar

  • Pro Tip: If you’d like to offer times that are already blocked off on the calendar, you can Enable Double Booking

  • Pro Tip: If you know that your client is in a different timezone, you can adjust the timezone that the times are displayed in

6. Click “Insert Times” and send your email!

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Once you send the email, your customer can select a time that works best for them. From there, Groove will automatically:

  • Set up the meeting on your Google Calendar for everyone involved

  • Send your customer a confirmation of the meeting details

  • Send you a notification that a meeting was booked

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Maximizing Your Meetings

Use your Scheduler to make sure your meetings are set up exactly how you’d like:

  • Customize the open time slots that customers will be able to book on your calendar

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  • Pre-define meeting types with a title, description, location, duration, and other options, based on the different kinds of meetings normally have. For example, you can create a meeting type for a 30-minute “Intro Call” and another meeting type for a 60-minute “Product Demo.”

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Add colleagues as Other Attendees if you’d like them to join the meeting, or Schedule For someone else on your team. In both of these cases, Groove’s Scheduler will take your colleagues’ calendars into account.

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  • Insert the Scheduler link into an email draft, then copy and paste it wherever you’d like someone to be able to quickly book a meeting with you. For example, you may want your Scheduler link in your Gmail signature, or in certain Groove templates.

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Now, you have more control over your time so you can optimize your day and meet your goals.

Start customizing your Groove Scheduler here, so you can let Groove handle the logistics and coordination of setting up your meetings, while you focus on building meaningful relationships.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Groove Customer Success at