Groove Monthly: The Next Step in Our LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration, New Automated Actions, and More!


Over the last few months, we’ve made some significant gains toward our goal of helping sales teams like yours be at your best. Read on for details about how to:

  • Communicate via LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly from Groove Flow

  • Set up Automated Actions based on engagement metrics

  • Get a better overview of activity history from Omnibar

Through these new features, we hope our customers can boost productivity and drive even better results.

Groove and LinkedIn Sales Navigator Introduce New Integrations

Earlier this year, we announced our integration with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) program, and the exciting new features from LinkedIn Sales Navigator that would live right in Groove’s Omnibar. We’ve expanded our integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator — you can now add LinkedIn Sales Navigator connection requests and InMail as steps in Groove Flow.

unnamed (1).png

Key Benefits:

  • Bring all of your sales engagement — phone, email, LinkedIn Sales Navigator — into one place

  • Save time by sending InMail and LinkedIn Sales Navigator connection requests directly within Groove, without switching browser tabs

  • Use message templates you’ve already saved in Groove as a starting point for InMail

  • Access a prospect’s LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile from the Groove Omnibar so you can customize your messages without leaving Groove

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To learn more, check out our blog.

A Better Way to Take Action When Prospects Engage

To capture the attention of your prospects, it’s important to understand how they are reacting to your outreach and to strike when the iron is hot. But when you’re juggling hundreds of contacts, it’s tough to keep track of exactly who is engaging. And it’s even more challenging to act on that information in a timely manner.

 No need to worry about that anymore — Groove can take that work off of your hands! You can now set up Automated Actions On Engagement. You can have Groove automatically move contacts to different Flows, update a Salesforce field, and create a Salesforce task based on how many times someone opens an email, clicks a link, or opens an attachment.

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  • When someone opens your email a third time, create an Automated Action to move them to a more targeted Flow (remember to also create an Automated Action to remove them from the original Flow)

  • When someone opens the white paper you sent them, automatically update a Salesforce field to reflect their interest

  • When someone clicks on a link to a video about your product, automatically assign a Salesforce task to call them to see if they have any questions

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Feature Spotlight: See Your Activity History in Omnibar

When reaching out to prospects, one of your most important resources is the Salesforce Activity History for each person and for their account. It gives you a comprehensive overview of your company’s interactions with that person so you can use that context to execute the perfectly personalized email or phone call.

That’s why we made Activity History available right in Omnibar. Now you can click over to the second tab to view the Activity History of a record while you’re drafting an email or making a call.

unnamed (5).png
unnamed (6).png

Drill into any activity to see the details and read the associated email threads or call notes.

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Search by keywords if you’re looking for specific items within the Activity History.

unnamed (2).gif

Switch over to the account or opportunity in the Activity History tab to see the interactions your team has had with anyone within the account, or any activities specific to the open opportunity.

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The Activity History tab in Omnibar can be a powerful and convenient aide — it gives you a full history and all the context you need, all without the hassle of opening another browser tab.

Company Updates

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G2 Crowd Fall Leaders 2018: Groove has been identified as a Category Leader in Sales Engagement Software based on high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend from real users on G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business solutions review website.

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