The Latest Product News from Groove

The Groove team has been hard at work listening to our customer’s feedback and building out new features that help you conquer your work day and crush your goals. Here are a few of the new features that we launched in Q2:

New features

People page Get a quick glimpse of any contact or lead you’ve contacted, and search, filter, and sort to find the right folks to follow up with. Get an idea of who has engaged over the last 13 weeks so you can make your next move at exactly the right time — and you can make your move without leaving the people page!

Hotlist prospects & star accounts Flag a prospect for follow-up by clicking on the fire icon next to their name, and mark key accounts with a star. That way, you’ve got easy to-do lists with high-priority accounts and prospects waiting for you, and you can see their recent engagement at a glance.

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Accounts page See activity for each account you’re engaging at a high level from the accounts page. Quickly see your effort compared to their engagement, so you can decide where your time is best spent. Click on any account to see more detailed company data and individual engagement.


Groove Dialer Our Dialer allows you to make calls with speed and accuracy from Gmail, Salesforce, and Groove Flow, and log results and notes in Salesforce without missing a beat. Boost connection rates with our local presence feature, which displays an area code local to the person you’re calling. And Groove provides you with data so you know when you get the best connection rates and what the overall sentiment is with your calls.

Wordsmith Groove wants to help you to communicate with confidence and write better emails. But what is a good email? Groove has analyzed millions of emails and investigated how signals such as strength of relationship, the linguistic features or your email signature relate to their "reply performance”. As a result, we managed to train a neural network that can now predict how likely a recipient is going to reply for each of your email templates. We call this “Groove Wordsmith”.  In addition, Groove Wordsmith can give you valuable advice, what you should improve in order to get a higher reply rate. Notice the signal indicator in the template editor as well as the side panel which can be expanded once you click on the icon.



Expanded sharing Users can now be on more than one team within Groove, allowing you to better share templates, folders, or Flows with individual users or entire teams.

Improved template editor Now you can enjoy a better user experience and expanded merge capabilities in the template editor — and you can merge any field from Salesforce into your templates.

Flow preview We’ve made it easier to preview a Flow and its content right from the sharing page.

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