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Feature Spotlight: Send Later

Change how you communicate with your prospects and partners with Groove’s Send Later. Users around the world rely on Send Later to both work at a time that’s convenient for them and connect with prospects and partners when they’re most likely to be responsive.

Why Should You Use Send Later?

Send Later allows you to draft an email, schedule a time you want the email to be delivered, and move on to your next task. Here are a couple examples of how this might come in handy in your work, helping you save time and ensure no email slips through the cracks:

  1. It’s past working hours. You may be working past normal business hours responding to the last emails in your inbox. However, you don’t want these emails to get lost in your prospect’s morning email. Instead, schedule your email to be sent mid-morning to increase your chances of receiving a reply.

  2. You’re traveling. Maybe you’re on a business trip or a vacation. Being out of the office reduces your ability to interact with your prospect list. Use the week before your trip as preparation to schedule important messages to be sent out throughout the week. Then watch as responses flood your inbox while you’re on the move.

  3. You know the prospect’s routine. You’ve worked with a prospect for a while now. You’ve sent emails back and forth, and you’ve noticed through Groove email tracking that your prospect seems to respond quickest just before lunch. Instead of waiting to write your follow up email, schedule your email to be sent and forget about it.

  4. You’re communicating across time zones. You have prospects and customers all around the globe. Your normal working hours may be midnight or dinner to them. Schedule your emails to be sent during their working hours to differentiate yourself from the competition.

How to Use Send Later:

Using Send Later is simple. Here’s how:

  1. Draft your email or reply in your Gmail compose window, as normal.

  2. Press the “Clock” icon in your Groove toolbar.

  3. Select the time you wish to deliver your email.

  4. Press “Send Later” and you’re done! Your email will be sent at the time you selected.


Sometimes you may want to edit or cancel your scheduled emails. Send Later emails will be saved to your Groove Outbox in Gmail as well as your Scheduled Folder in Groove. Click the arrow to the right of your Groove button in Gmail and select “Scheduled Emails” to manage your scheduled emails.

New Feature: Groove Mobile

Groove helps you work smarter and close more deals, and we know you’re often working from conferences, home, your commute, etc.

Relevant insights and productivity cannot be limited to your desktop — you need context when you're on the go, too. We’re excited to announce the Groove for Gmail Add-on for mobile devices. It gives you account-specific engagement stats for each email, and you can also set reminders and reply with your saved email templates.

Groove Mobile

To get Groove for Gmail Add-on, follow these instructions.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Groove Customer Success at