Groove Monthly - October Issue: Go with the Flow

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Feature spotlight: Flow

What exactly is a Flow?

A Flow is a defined set of scheduled touchpoints  — including calls, emails, and other tasks — for any customer or prospect. Having a battle-tested follow-up process leads to more success in sales — and that’s exactly why folks love Flow. Below you can see an example of a 4-step Flow that happens over 15 days.

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How are folks using Flow?

Groove Flow helps sales reps replicate their processes so they crush their goals in less time with less effort. Our customers have seen great success using Flow to:

  1. Follow up with inbound leads - Account executives use Flow to build cadences that provide perfectly personalized touches for each type of lead.

  2. Nurture long-term deals - Sales reps use Flow to follow up with every prospect with the right content, no matter how many deals are in their pipelines.

  3. Book more meetings - Combined with meeting scheduler, sales development and business development reps are able to engage more prospects and book more meetings while spending less time planning and executing outreach.

  4. Onboard new accounts - Customer success reps use Flow to provide checklists and training materials to new customers to help them get up and running faster.

  5. Upsell existing customers - Companies use Flow every day to further build relationships with existing customers and educate them on opportunities to expand the partnership.

What kinds of steps can you include in a Flow?

We know every business and their prospects are unique. That’s why Flows are fully customizable, so you could have any number and type of steps over any time period that you would like. Types of steps include:

Email Step - Email steps are helpful when you have content you want to send to many contacts, but you don’t want to manually create each email. With email steps, you can include merge fields that will pull in real-time Salesforce data, and Groove will queue up each message and give you the option to customize each email, one by one. This makes emailing a large group of people faster and easier, while allowing you to maintain a personal touch.

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Auto-Email Step - Auto-email steps are similar to email steps, but will be automatically sent at the time you specify in the customer's time zone without prompting you to customize the message.

Call Step - In our call steps, you’ll be presented with a list of everyone you need to call along with your selected call script template. You’ll also see your prospects’ current time. From here, you’ll be able to call and log each activity back to Salesforce without leaving your browser tab.

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Other Step - You can add other steps as reminders to complete a task. Most people use these to remind themselves to add a customer on LinkedIn or send them InMail.

Click here to create your first Flow


New Features

Interface update for Gmail templates

Gmail templates are a favorite feature of many of our customers. We recently optimized the interface to help users work more quickly, and we added a "Favorites" function.

Looking at usage data, we found out that user behavior follows the 80-20 rule: For 80% of emails sent through Groove, our customers use 20% of their templates. The new interface and favorites function allow you to access the top 20% of your templates quickly and easily.

In Groove:

Click the templates button in the compose window as usual. Groove remembers which templates you are using the most and displays the top 15 frequently used templates in the tab POPULAR — ordered by "times used.” You can "star" a template so it will be added to the tab STARRED.

If you need a template that’s not in your top 15, click SEE ALL TEMPLATES — the new template explorer allows you to search or browse a larger library of your private and shared templates.

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Template attachments (beta)

We’ve heard so many requests for the ability to attach files to email templates. For a select group of testers, Groove lets you add attachments to your email templates. This means you can attach helpful content — including white papers, case studies, and anything else that helps you woo customers — and Groove will track opens. To be an early tester for attachments, shoot us an email at We will be rolling this feature out to all customers soon — stay tuned!


Other updates

Dreamforce '17

We’ve been looking forward to Dreamforce all year. We love meeting our customers face-to-face and making new friends with folks who might not know about us yet.

If you’re coming to San Francisco for Dreamforce, let us know! Our team would love to hear about your work and chat about the latest Groove updates (including our new user interface, Groove for mobile, how Groove supports account based sales, and how Groove integrates with Linkedin). More >