Stay Where You Are - Announcing Inline Editing

New feature alert: Update Salesforce records without leaving Gmail with the new Groove Sidebar.


One of Groove's core features is the Gmail sidebar, which gives you the Salesforce context alongside the email you're viewing. Today, we are taking this concept to the next level by allowing you to update your Salesforce records directly in the sidebar - a.k.a. Inline Editing. Just to give you a few examples why this is useful:

  • You can update the status of a lead as a prospect emails you
  • You can change the opportunity stage after a customer sends you the order form
  • You can add a phone number to a contact after they asked you to call them

We believe the user experience is so intuitive that any further explanations are obsolete. You'll see the pencil symbol when you hover over fields that are editable (depending on the field type and your permissions). You might also like that you can use the enter key to save or the cancel key to discard your changes. If you don't see the pencil symbol when you hover over a field, contact your Salesforce admin to activate inline editing.

Groove will reflect your record-type specific picklist values and enforce validation rules as mandatory fields so that your data stays tidy.

Last but not least, this new feature is in alignment with Groove's privacy-friendly architecture. Unlike any other product on the market, your data won't be exposed to any 3rd parties.

If you don't know how to enable Inline Editing, check out this help center article or contact ours customer support.