Question of the Week: Using Video to Accelerate Sales

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Welcome to our “Question of the Week” series of blog posts where we will address some of the most common issues sales teams deal with on a daily basis. We welcome your questions and comments, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have anything to add.

Sales reps are always looking for ways to maximize their efforts. Repeating the same pitch over and over may be part of the job, but it takes up a great deal of time. Video messaging offers a way to communicate with prospects and engage them in the process, delivering more value on both sides of the pitch.

In fact, video marketers report that including video in their outbound emails increase CTR by a whopping 200 to 300 percent! Statistically, these are numbers you cannot ignore.

Video provides a solution to the many challenges of making a sale. For instance, it allows you to connect with stakeholders in different time zones more easily. It helps you to rise above the noise and stand out from the competition. It also optimizes the time and resources spent on pursuing a sale.

Send an introductory video up front

Showing a short, personal video (less than 30 seconds) at the first point of contact can increase your chances of speaking with the prospect a second time. It is a great icebreaker, and it will help to humanize you, so it’s not a bad idea to show your personality a little bit. In that sense, it can be more informal and relaxed as it’s more like a “video handshake” than a pitch.

The next video you send can be a bit longer—90 seconds and up to two minutes—and this is where you should introduce your product or service and describe how it can add value and solve your prospect’s pain points.

The follow up: amplify your results with a recap video

Once you have connected with your prospect and have had a conversation with them, it’s imperative to follow up. This holds true even if you’re not leveraging video, but with video, all the more.

Your initial videos can be made well in advance and should answer most of the questions the prospect has about the product. Following up with some reinforcement of anything you have discussed will strengthen the discussion. It will provide the prospect with a clear and concise record of your conversation so that certain points don’t have to be rehashed.

A video sets you apart from your competitors

Chances are if a prospect has filled out a form on your website or is requesting a callback, they are probably doing the same thing with your competition. Leading with a personalized video adds a personal touch, puts a face to the product, and helps you build a strong foundation making the sale.

Sales videos: the challenges

Probably the biggest challenge you’ll face once you decide to use videos in your sales workflow is getting your prospect to open and watch it. These days, it’s easy to assume that emails that contain video links might be a malicious attempt at phishing.

However, there are a couple of things you can do to make it look legit:

  • Cc another rep, the company’s VP of sales, or anyone else who the prospect might recognize.

  • Craft a strong subject line that includes the word “video” and the name of the person you are sending it to.

Tips for shooting your video

Most people have the technology to shoot a good-quality video at their fingertips. All you need is the camera on your laptop, and maybe a video editing app to polish it up. Tools like Vidyard specialize in B2B personalized video, so if you plan on doing a lot of it, it’s worth looking into.

Here are some more tips for making your videos better:

  • Make sure your microphone works and that the sound level is good with no background noise or interference.

  • The camera should be at eye level, and you should always look into the lens.

  • Have adequate light behind the camera, so your face is clearly visible and not in shadow.

  • Be natural. Practice until you are comfortable in front of the camera. If you’re shy or self-conscious about it, think about doing a Q&A video with another rep to get things flowing.

  • Make your video fun by adding props that represent the time of year, the season, or whatever seems appropriate – Santa hats in December, for instance, would be a great idea.

How to fit your video into the sales sequence

Once you have your videos ready, you might be wondering how you should introduce them. For best results, include your video as early as possible in the process to establish a baseline. Once you’ve made that connection, the rest will flow naturally.

In conclusion, sales reps can strategically amplify their results by using personalized video. Videos help to create a personal connection with your prospects and will move the sales process along much faster than any other way of making a sale.