Introducing Flow

New feature alert: Build your own multi-step campaigns to personalize communication at scale with Flow.


Groove’s mission has always been to help power world class sales teams through more efficient and data driven processes. In keeping with this tradition, and tapping into our teams innovative spirit, we have developed a product that will take our mission to the next level. Groove Flow is sales automation with a personal touch. Before Groove Flow, reps had the choice of reaching out to customers using a manual, time consuming approach or using marketing automation software that made them sound like a robot and often got their messages blocked by spam filters. Groove Flow combines these approaches, delivering the speed and efficiency of marketing automation with the effectiveness of more manual, personalized communication. It allows a rep to communicate with far more customers while continuing to provide superior customer service.

Introducing Flow

With Groove Flow, a rep can build a playbook for every type of engagement and customer segment, queuing up a week's worth of sales calls and personalized emails in a single afternoon.  For example, a rep could build a flow that queues up an email to every lead on day one, then a phone call 3 days later, followed by a final email 5 days after the call if the rep still hadn’t received any response from the lead. This playbook allows reps to spend more time focusing on high value activities and less time on manual communications and follow up tasks.

Not only does Groove Flow allow teams to increase rep productivity and close rates but it also tracks the ROI of every customer interaction.  So far, Groove Flow users are already reporting 5x increases in outbound customer communication along with improvements in their quality metrics.

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