Inline Create Forms

New feature alert: Create new leads, contacts, or cases right from Groove sidebar.


Create quality records with just two mouse clicks in the Groove sidebar.

The Groove sidebar in Gmail is already your best friend when it comes to understanding the context of an email. Recall that it is completely customizable. The displayed Salesforce objects, the fields and even the lookup logic can be configured so user is served with what's relevant to them. You update records right in the sidebar and click on custom buttons with all their limitless capabilities.

Today we are taking Groove sidebar to the next level by releasing "inline create forms". Groove now allows you to create records directly in the sidebar. Out-of-the-box you can create leads, contacts or cases (depending on what you Salesforce admin enabled). Name, email, company, phone numbers, etc. will be intelligently pre-populated with data from the email you have open and from the previous context. This ensures you are creating quality data without any extra effort. It's literally two mouse clicks.

What about custom objects?

What makes inline create forms unique is that Groove can be configured to "inline create" any standard and custom object. You can configure which fields are displayed and which ones are mandatory. The record type can also be pre-determined. And the intelligent pre-population of fields also works when you create custom objects. Imagine how you create a project record, a job application record or whatever kind of custom objects you have in your daily life.

We urge you to try it out. All you have to do is enable the checkbox "Allow Inline Create" in the Groove custom settings and reload Gmail. Read more about the details in our help center article.