Infographic: Top 6 Tips for Sales Ops

From interviewing to onboarding and beyond, check out these tips to up your sales op game. Download the free infographic today!


People who work in sales ops are often the unsung heroes of any given sales organization. But we all know that sales reps and leaders couldn’t close deals and bring in cash without the critical support of sales ops.

We interviewed sales ops experts to learn what they’re thinking about to do their jobs better, and compiled a handful of their top tips. Let’s take a look:

#1: Tech must be intuitive The right technology should be simple and intuitive to use while also freeing up reps time to close more deals — it’s non-negotiable. In today’s competitive market, your reps simply don’t have time to waste on dated, clunky tools. Have a system that needs to go? Put the contract’s end date on your calendar now and set a reminder when it’s time to start shopping around.

#2: All-in-one, all the way When you are in the market for a new technology solution, look for a tool that has a range of features that work well. If the features are robust enough, your team will save time that would be wasted switching between different systems.  

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