Time is on Your Side - Google Salesforce Calendar Sync in Real Time

New feature alert: Groove can now sync your Google calendar with Salesforce in real time.


Today we are excited to announce that Groove now offers Google Salesforce calendar sync in real time. But before we dive into the details, let's take a look at the Why. Back in February, we launched Groove Dashboards, which help you understand how your sales activities relate to your sales performance. The prerequisite to such unique insights is an accurate and comprehensive activity history of your Google emails and calendar events. However, logging activities from Gmail and Google Calendar should not come at the expense of extra effort for users. That is why we believe in a hybrid approach:

On the one hand, Groove logs Google emails and calendar events automatically in Salesforce for you. Such activities are associated to the activity history of the best matching Salesforce records (e.g. contacts and opportunities) by analyzing the recipients and invitees. Groove's heuristic scoring engine works its magic without any effort for users.

On the other hand, in Gmail and Google calendar, users get a real time preview of what the scoring engine is doing in the background. And users can easily override to which Salesforce records an activity belongs, in case they prefer another association. But here is the best part: Groove will learn from what the user picks and get better each time to reduce user effort even more.

Now that you understand our approach, let's take a closer look at Groove's real time calendar sync:

Unlike any other solution, Groove syncs events within seconds - regardless of the device you are using. Also, the response status of each invitee will be synced to Salesforce in real time. This means you can track who accepted, declined, etc, to invitations in Salesforce.

Another important part of calendar sync is to prevent non-CRM relevant Google events from ending up in Salesforce and the other way around. Groove allows you to configure which events are synced, in order to maximize data quality and accuracy (see the related help center article). As always, this configuration can be done on an org-level, profile-level or user-level, to make sure Groove serves your every job role perfectly.