Using Google Apps as Email Relay for Salesforce to Remove Via Disclaimer

Customers frequently ask us how they can avoid their emails getting caught in spam filters. The trick is to use Google Apps as an email relay for Salesforce.  Even though it’s our goal to provide you with the world’s best Gmail-Salesforce integration, we acknowledge that sometimes you really want to send emails from Salesforce directly. The catch is that such emails look funny when opened in Gmail or other security aware mail clients.  Gmail detects that the email was sent via an email relay that is in the domain rather than your own.  Thus Gmail warns the recipient by displaying the infamous “via ...”caption, which for most people is a clear sign that this is an automated bulk email.


If you are a Google Apps customer this issue can easily be fixed at no costs by configuring Salesforce and Google Apps respectively.  In other words, you can remove via from your emails.  We are going to show you how.  You will need admin privileges to your Google Apps domain and your Salesforce org.

But before you start you need to file a case to Salesforce support.  The case type is “Limits and Feature Activation”.  Just tell them to enable email relay and tell them your org ID.  Then wait till the case is resolved.

Part A - Google Apps as Email Relay

Next step is to configure Google Apps:

  1. Open the Google Apps admin console.
  2. Click Apps | Google Apps | Gmail | Advanced Settings
  3. Scroll to the section SMTP relay service and click Configure
  4. In the dialog configure
    • 1. Allowed senders
      • Allowed senders: Only addresses in my domain
      • 2. Authentication
        • Only accept mail from the specified IP addresses: Checked
        • Add all IP addresses you find in the official Salesforce documentation in the section Email Relaying
        • Require SMTP Authentication: Unchecked
        • 3. Encryption
          • Require TLS encryption: Checked
  5. Save your settings. This completes the Google Apps part

Part B - Configuring Salesforce Email Relay

In Salesforce configure the Google to be your email relay:

  1. In Settings select Email Administration | Email Relay Activation. If you don’t see this menu item, you should double check with Salesforce support if the feature really has been enabled.
  2. Email-from-Salesforce-Email-Relay
  3. In the screen configure
    • Email Host:
    • Port: 587
    • TLS Settings: Required
    • Restrict Relay To Domains: Unchecked
    • Active: Checked
  4. Save these settings.
  5. In Settings select Email Administration | Deliverability
  6. In the screen configure
    • Access level: All email
    • Enable compliance with standard email security mechanisms: Unchecked
    • TLS Setting: Preferred
  7. All other options are up to you and don't matter for activating email relay. Save your settings.

You can now test your configuration by using the Test Deliverability feature in Salesforce (in the screen Email Administration | Test Deliverability). The “via…” won’t be displayed anymore - your emails look clean and personal now.


And what makes this setting even better is that you will now find all emails you sent via Salesforce also in your Gmail "Sent" folder".

And to answer your next questions: No, using your own email relay won’t allow you to send unlimited emails from Salesforce. You are still tied to the mass email limits.