Building a SaaS Company in 2015

Thoughts from our CEO on today's business climate and how that makes companies think about the customer experience more than ever before.


Many things have changed over the last few years when it comes to building and scaling a company.  Product development is getting easier every day with steady advancements in tools, services, and APIs.  Companies such as Stripe, Heroku and others have made it easier and faster to get a new app into a customers hands.  There’s no doubt this is great for entrepreneurs but it doesn’t come without its own set of problems. As it becomes easier to build a new product, it becomes harder to attract an audience as more competitors flood the market.  Regardless of the merit of their offerings, these companies can still create noise and confusion for potential customers.  For example, you can find dozens of competitors in the sales acceleration space that are being built all over the world and offering solutions at a wide range of price tiers.  With all this noise, it is hard for your potential customers to find the solutions that are truly delivering value.

Marketplaces such as the Salesforce AppExchange are helping fix this problem by allowing the top solutions in their space to bubble up and be found by more customers. Groove was lucky to be founded after an enterprise marketplace like the Salesforce AppExchange finally had traction.  They recently crossed the 3 million install mark so this marketplace is very large and growing each day.  Not only has it enabled us to get companies across the globe to use our product, it has also allowed each of them a voice to champion our product to other organizations.  Ultimately, this means we get the chance to enable more companies to run world class sales teams.

We have gotten over 1,000 companies from 50+ countries to come to us after they were browsing for solutions on the AppExchange.  These organizations are looking to solve problems that they have around tracking their sales communication and better identifying revenue generating patterns. After they find us, we know we instantly have to provide value so they will give us great reviews and that will eventually help us get more customers.

This increased competition is great for both enterprise users and IT teams.  We are always looking for ways to delight our users because we know their reviews will be public.  You can see a review from one of our users below:

“My day is drastically more efficient because of the Groove App.” - Serena Donovan, Google

At the same time, we need to make sure we are providing real ROI so the organization can justify investing into the new solution.  You can see one of the Salesforce Admins describe Groove’s impact below:

“In all seriousness, we've seen an uptick in rep productivity since installing for our 300 users. Everyone loves it! Our compliance team even loves it, so much that we integrated Groove into one of our rep-to-compliance workflows. Works like a champ!” - Rob Nobori, Google

Nothing makes us happier at Groove than reading reviews like these and knowing that we are truly helping our users save time and get more out of their day.  This is only the beginning.  The next decade is going to be great for enterprise users as they get access to far better technologies through communities like the AppExchange.  This is a very exciting time!