Introducing Groove History

New feature alert: View Salesforce activity history without leaving your Gmail tab.


We're very excited to show you what we've been working on!  Groove already made it easy to capture all your important customer conversations and events.  The problem is this information was often only used in reports and not to help users every single day.  This is why we created Groove History.  You can see overview of all the great things you can do with Groove History in the pictures below!

View Activity History Right From Gmail

Using Groove History, you can now view the Salesforce activity history of anything (account/contact/lead/opportunity/custom object) right from your inbox.  This means no more flipping back and forth between Gmail and Salesforce to do research.

Filter and Search Across the Entire History

One of the big issues with activity history is that you can't easily find a conversion/email/stat when you need it most.  Groove history solves this by making it easy for you to search or filter the entire activity history.  Your users will now be able to find any conversation or note instantly.

Create a New Note or Log a Call Instantly

Sales reps often live in their inbox today.  Now you can log a call or note right to Salesforce from your inbox with just one click.  Groove will even review your calendar and build a list of the most likely people that you will be adding a note for.

Categorize Your Notes With Hashtags

Groove now makes it easy for you to categorize your notes.  If you want to capture certain information such as budget or timeline for a deal, you can add that hashtag.  Groove will create a nice summary so anyone can easily see the most important notes for any record.

Never Miss a Follow-up Task Again

We have made note taking smarter.  If your users writes down their action items, Groove will automatically turn these into Salesforce tasks.  This helps ensure that an action item never falls through the cracks.

Groove History is turned off by default.  You can turn it on for your Organization in your Groove Settings.   The instructions for doing so are located here.