Groove & LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Send InMail and Connection Requests Directly from Multi-step Campaigns within Groove

Groove & LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In sales, it is so important to collaborate with your team, to use smart tools and resources so you can be at your best, and to make meaningful connections with your future customers. That’s why earlier this year, we announced our integration with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) program, and the exciting new features from LinkedIn Sales Navigator that would live right in Groove’s Omnibar. Now, we’ve expanded our integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to help you and your team do even more to accomplish your goals.

Groove allows you to create multi-step campaigns that include personalized emails, phone conversations, and relevant reminders through Groove Flow. For example, you may use Flow to set up a cadence of targeted emails and cold calls spread out over a couple of weeks to demonstrate to prospects that you can provide value for them.

Groove and LinkedIn Sales Navigator Introduce New Integrations

We know that you’re always looking for new ways to stand out from the rest of the pack and reach your top accounts. And we know that LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for understanding your target audience and building relationships.

You can now send LinkedIn Sales Navigator connection requests and InMail directly from Groove — your daily workstation, your hub for Salesforce data, and your central location for all of your sales engagement channels, all in one place.

Groove and LinkedIn Sales Navigator Introduce New Integrations

Key benefits:

  • Bring all of your sales engagement — phone, email, LinkedIn Sales Navigator — into one place

  • Save time by sending InMail and LinkedIn Sales Navigator connection requests directly within Groove, without switching browser tabs

  • Use message templates you’ve already saved in Groove as a starting point for InMail

  • Access a prospect’s LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile from the Groove Omnibar so you can customize your messages without leaving Groove

Pro Tip: Consider creating an automated action that moves your most highly engaged prospects to a separate Flow. The first step in that Flow could be sending a LinkedIn Sales Navigator connection request — a great way to catch people while they’re warm and your product is at the top of their minds.

Already a Groove and Sales Navigator Customer?

Note: This hasn’t been fully released yet. Please contact if you’d like early access to this feature.

Try it out:

  1. Go to your Groove Flows

  2. Create a new Flow, or edit one of your existing Flows

  3. Add two new steps: “send InMail via LinkedIn Sales Navigator” and “connect via LinkedIn Sales Navigator”

  4. Import people to the Flow, and start sending out emails, making phone calls, and connecting on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, all from the same place

Note: In order to start sending InMail and connection requests from Groove Flow, you’ll need a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise License.

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