4 Ways to Liven Up Your Demos

4-Ways-to-Liven-Up-Your-Demos | Groove Blog.png

Demos are such a critical part of the decision making process for your prospects, but too often, sales reps deliver a one-size-fits-all product tour. Let’s take a look at a few ways you and your team can create a better experience and hopefully close more deals.

Get to know your prospects.

Every business is different. Make sure you ask enough questions — and the right questions — to personalize your demo to their unique needs. How can your product fit into their established routines? What security or regulatory concerns do they have, and how can you address them? What pain points are they dealing with, and how does your product help?

The more closely you’re able to address their specific situation, the better. Don’t get stuck reciting generic value props and talking points — remember who you’re talking to, and describe how you can provide value.

Tell a story.

Your demo should be more compelling than a checklist of features that prospects can probably find on your website. The more relevant and easy to follow your demo is, the better. Weave a narrative about your product. Imagine a day in the life of your prospect — and refer back to some of those unique pain points you can solve (see above).

Focus on the value.

In business, everything ultimately comes down to the bottom line. Focus on the business value that you can provide, whether it’s driving revenue directly, saving staff time, or something else. If you can include examples and hard numbers from other customers, even better.

Your reps are experts.

They know the product inside and out, and they know the context in which it’s used. Most reps have helped hundreds of companies solve problems. In sales, sometimes a customer doesn’t know what is best for their situation. It’s your reps’ job to show them how they might be able to get better results with another approach — gently.

At the end, be sure to answer any questions and, most importantly, keep the momentum up by setting next steps. Have some demo tips to share? We'd love to hear them!