Secrets to Success

Groove hacks we’ve learned from our customers


When you build software, an app, etc., you’re bound to see some unintended uses. And that’s a great thing!

We love hearing about the creative, innovative ways our customers are using Groove, and we wanted to share a few. Who knows, maybe this will get your creative juices flowing!

Customer success

While Groove was built with sales teams in mind, we’ve heard from several companies whose customer success teams have found the Gmail and Salesforce integration to be a huge benefit. Take Trader Interactive for example. They were frustrated by how much time they spent sorting through incoming cases and associating them with the appropriate accounts in Salesforce. It was an unsustainable process — but with Groove, they were able to automate Salesforce data entry and focus on providing quality support to their customers. Read more >

Customer education

We talk a lot about the traditional sales process, but used Groove Flow to establish lasting relationships with their customers. Most of’s customers purchase plumbing supplies — but they sell millions of products that have nothing to do with plumbing. They built a multi-step campaign to let customers know about their full offering while streamlining outreach for reps. As a result, they saw an uptick in the number of return customers while reps enjoyed the benefits of automated communication. Read more >

Rep onboarding

New reps often bring fresh energy and ideas to your sales team — you just need to find time to provide a solid onboarding experience to harness that energy. Did you know that Groove can help you onboard new team members efficiently?

  1. Groove Flow lets you equip new team members with your battle-tested engagement process, including emails, call scripts, and frequency. That way, new reps can learn your sales approach and messaging.

  2. You can record calls you make with Groove Dialer, so managers can provide feedback at a time that’s convenient, and pause and play the recording during discussion. Or you can save especially good (or bad!) calls for future trainings.

Read more >

Are you already a Groove user and have a unique use for a Groove feature? Let us know!