Why is Account Based Sales Getting So Much Buzz?

Let’s face it: Everyone in the industry is talking about account based sales (ABS). It’s a strategy that’s been around for a while, but it’s getting more attention lately.


But is it worth it? And in a world where time is money, why invest time and resources in making a big change?

Here are our 3 top reasons to make the switch from a traditional sales approach to ABS:

Better Value

ABS is about being hyper-targeted. Once you know what your ideal customer looks like, you can focus on prospects that are the best fit for your product or service, and are more likely to buy.

Traditional sales strategies require reps to spend a lot of time with inbound leads — folks from companies that aren’t necessarily the best fit for what you’re selling. But with ABS, reps get to be more proactive and targeted — and hopefully, close bigger deals as a result.

More Efficiency

Like I said earlier, time is money. ABS frees your reps from spending time on every lead that comes in — especially the ones that may not be a great fit for your company. ABS lets your team focus on the deals that they are more likely to close — and prioritize deals that have the best value.

Build Your Brand

Now, most of us have been on the receiving end of a “spray and pray” campaign. It doesn’t make you feel great, and it doesn’t leave the warmest impression of a company. With ABS, because you and your team are working on fewer accounts, you’re able to do more research and tailor your outreach to each individual and company you’re targeting. It’s a more thoughtful approach, so your reps are building a better reputation for your company and your product. Whether the deal closes or not, it’s a more human process overall.

Are you using an ABS approach? What benefits have you noticed? We want to hear from you!