Collaboration: When It Makes Sense for Sales Teams and How Groove Can Help

We're stronger together — even in the competitive world of sales. Try these collaboration tips to help your sales team achieve more by working together.


As companies become more flat and office cultures become more open, collaboration is taking center stage in the workplace. That means coming together and sharing input more often. And that’s great! But in the sales world, how do you strike a balance between healthy competition and teamwork? And how do you avoid wasting one of your most valuable resources: time?

Let’s take a look at a few ways collaboration can help a modern sales team sharpen its skills and help reps crush their goals:

1. Schedule regular face-to-face meetings so you have time to get folks aligned on team goals as well as individual roles. (Sometimes at Groove, we have stand-up meetings with no phones and no computers.)

2. Encourage your reps to be open about ongoing deals, including their wins and the challenges they face, so other reps can chime in with suggestions.

3. Discuss deals that were lost openly. This will help reps learn from mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future. Discussing losses is as important as celebrating victories.

4. Encourage opinions and feedback, both positive and negative, to foster a healthy company culture in the workplace and engage your team in constructive conversation.

Where Groove comes in handy

Working together doesn’t necessarily mean that things have to slow down. Did you know that Groove has smart features that make it easier for your team to collaborate efficiently? From scheduling meetings to sharing multi-step campaigns, Groove and collaboration go together like peas and carrots. Let’s take a look at a couple of key features.

Meeting scheduler

If you’re like most reps, you dread playing email “ping pong” with prospects just to set up a simple meeting or phone call. On average, it takes five back-and-forths in order to find a time that works for everyone — and with every email, you risk losing momentum. Have a third or fourth person to add to the mix? It only gets worse.

Our meeting scheduler allows reps to send a link to their calendars in an email, and your prospect can book a time to meet with just a few clicks. You can even use someone else’s scheduling link to schedule on their behalf, or create a link to book a meeting with multiple people at your company and a prospect. It makes it so much easier and faster to come together and get work done.

Sharing templates

Every team has an all-star rep who whose multi-step campaigns knock it out of the park. In Groove, reps can easily share templates (that includes emails and call scripts) and Flows (or multi-step campaigns), so everyone on your team can benefit from your battle-tested expertise.

Now, go forth and conquer — and collaborate!

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