What Does “All in One” Actually Mean?

We often mention that Groove is an all-in-one solution, but we want to take a moment to talk about what that actually means — and why it matters.


Some sales tech only does one or two very specific things. That means your reps might have numerous tools to use throughout their day, resulting in extra time spent switching between applications, and extra logins to remember for reps. And it means extra vendors to manage, more data silos, and more training for sales ops. And managers are frustrated by the lack of visibility into sales activities since folks are working across many systems.

We built Groove to help entire sales organizations save time — including the time spent switching between tools and aggregating data from numerous silos. While Groove is packed with features that boost productivity, here are the main four that can help you eliminate having to work in several different places.

1. Integrating Gmail and Salesforce

Groove can link Gmail and Salesforce so all of your reps’ calls and emails are automatically logged right from Gmail — without ever leaving the browser tab. The Groove Sidebar lets reps push updates to your CRM without having to leave Gmail, ensuring that your team saves time while still keeping accurate records on sales activities. Learn more here >

2. Multi-step campaigns

Design and track the success of your sales cadences with Groove Flow. Reps can plug call scripts and email templates into automated campaigns, and add prospects as they see fit. Analytics tell you which templates are doing well and which ones need improvement. And reps can personalize each contact if they’d like. It’s where quantity and quality come together.

3. Meeting scheduler

Send prospects a link to your calendar so they can book a meeting with a couple of clicks — and eliminate lengthy email back-and-forths or using a separate vendor. You can also incorporate several colleagues’ schedules, and set different meeting types with different lengths, buffers, etc.

4. Dialer

Get through your daily call list — and track outcomes — faster with Groove Dialer. Click to call from any email or record in Salesforce, and log the results without switching browser tabs.

Why does it matter?

You might be thinking that your team is happy using the systems you have now. Why bother changing? It’s an investment that will save you time in the long run. You’ll eliminate data silos, save time that used to be spent switching between systems, and have fewer vendor relationships to manage. In fact, our customers report saving 1-2 hours each day. What could you get done with that extra time?