Three Effective Ways Automation Can Transform the Way You Sell

By automating a few behind-the-scenes processes, your sales team can focus on what really matters – providing value to prospects.


A sales professional from the 1980s catapulted into a modern sales team would hardly know where to begin. Tools such as email, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and concepts like inbound marketing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) would seem like science-fiction to a rep used to relying on phone calls and a rolodex to conduct business. Yet the fundamentals of sales have remained unchanged; we’ve just gotten more innovative at execution.

What Is Sales Automation?

Today’s sales teams have the ability to achieve so much more, and so much faster than ever before. For skilled rep with a good product, the sky's the limit. All it takes is the right tools that will help you stay focused on the needs of your customers instead of wasting time performing repetitive tasks.

The key to staying on top of your accounts is automation. You need to select a few central areas where technology is simply more efficient than humans, such as sending personalized communication at scale, real-time reporting, and streamlined prospecting.

A sales engagement platform can take a lot of these time-consuming task off your plate, and you’ll likely be surprised by all the extra time you’ll have for closing deals. 

The Benefits of Automation

If you were to keep a record of everything you do during the workday, you’ll start to notice how much of it is administrative work. Global consultants at Hubspot report that “reps spend less than a third of their time actually selling.” You need to change that, and the way to begin is by automating key processes.

Naturally, automation is no substitute for personal contact with a prospect. People still like to buy from other people. But when you automate, you are transforming what is happening behind the scenes and freeing up your time to make more efficient, personal contact with your prospects.

Let’s take a look at a few ways automation can free up your time.

Three Effective Ways to Automate

1. Personalized Communication That Can Scale 

It’s extremely rare for even the best reps to close a deal after only a couple contacts. More often than not, you’re working off a campaign with a timeline and clearly defined steps that should help you move a prospect through the funnel and convert them into a customer.

Automating your outreach frees up time without sacrificing the quality of communication. Groove’s multi-step campaigns, which we call Flows, allow you to create a series of templates and a set cadence for each step (e.g., Send introductory email, make follow-up call, send valuable content, etc.), and you can monitor the results in real time.

This kind of automation process ensures that no prospects slip through the cracks, that the best performing campaigns can be shared among the whole team, and that you scale the number of contacts that each rep can make while maintaining the ability to personalize each email or call.   

Learn more about Groove Flows right here.

2.  Real-time Reporting

A sales team that is aware of their progress toward contact attempt goals, engagement within each account, and overall rep performance can easily identify what’s working and where they should adjust their approach. Automated reports that can provide a daily, weekly, or monthly snapshot is generally very useful to the team and invaluable for managers to have at hand — without spending hours each time manually compiling data and updating spreadsheets.

Showing which templates are your best performers, what times are best for call connectivity, and even seeing an account’s engagement at a high level — this is the kind of reporting that Groove provides with its Sales Analytics features. Information is power, and the sales world is no exception.


Bringing fresh, high-quality prospects into your CRM is a critical part of the job. If you’re not identifying good leads and thinking about ways to find new prospects, then you’re going to feel the repercussions in your pipeline later on. It’s time-consuming work, but fortunately it’s another area where automation can make a big difference.

Groove Prospector is a Chrome extension that lets you add a prospect from LinkedIn to Salesforce with a few clicks. Once Prospector is installed, you’ll notice the Groove logo whenever you visit LinkedIn. Clicking the logo while on someone’s LinkedIn page opens up a sidebar where their name, company, title, and email address are all automatically filled in. You just decide whether to label them as a contact or lead, add them to Salesforce, and then move on with your work.


When you’re ready to reach out, their info will be waiting for you in Salesforce.  


There is no substitute for meaningful, one-to-one interaction between salespeople and customers. But a little effort in automation and a strong Sales Engagement Platform to help you boost your interactions with data and reporting will make all the difference to the success of your sales.

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