How to Schedule Meetings without Hurting the Momentum?

We all know how pesky the back and forth is when you are trying to schedule a meeting with a customer. And we all know how much that hurts the sales momentum. Today we are very excited to give you Groove Scheduler – a solution for that problem that is so easy and elegant.

How does it work? If you want to schedule a meeting with somebody, simply send them your Groove Scheduler link. When they click on your link they’ll see the free time free slots on your calendar and can pick time that works for both of you. Groove will insert the meeting in your calendar, send the customer an invitation and sync the event to Salesforce. That’s it!

What makes Groove Scheduler so powerful is the ability to define Meeting Types. For example, you can create a  meeting type called “Product Demo”. It’s a 30 minute meeting using your favorite screen share app with instructions in the description. Then you create a “Discovery Call” which is a 15 minutes phone call with your phone number in the description. Each of these meeting types have their own specific link which allows you to point the customer to exactly the type of meeting you want them to schedule with you. We’ve integrated Groove Scheduler into Gmail, so you can conveniently pick a meeting type and insert the link with a single mouse click.


Bonus feature: you can also insert links that allow the customer to book time with another Groove user in your company. This covers the use case where an SDR books meetings for a sales rep.

We recommend the that you also check out the Groove Scheduler options. For example you can set up your working hours and define the buffer time between meetings to avoid the back-to-back meeting stress.

See for yourself how Groove Scheduler will make your life so much easier and how it gives your customer a great first impression of how it feels doing business with you.