As a sales rep, you inevitably face the challenge of needing to quickly email a group of customers.  You may do this when you launch a new feature, are traveling for in-person meetings, or have an event coming up.  Completing this task always presents a challenge.  You either have to do it manually or ask your marketing team to do it on your behalf.  Doing these updates one by one is more personal but it is also very time consuming.  When you send these through your marketing team, the emails get stuck in SPAM and they don’t feel personal.  A good middle ground is a mail merge but even that takes a lot of time to set up.   I want to show you a better way to send a Gmail mail merge.  Using Groove, you can now send these Gmail mail merges by completing three simple steps.  

1.  Write Your Message – Craft your message as you would if you were sending this update to one person.  You can use merge fields to make sure you insert things like first name to make the message more personal.

Gmail Mail Merge - templates with merge fields



2.  Select Your Target List – Search your CRM to find the perfect list of people who should get this message.  You can see my example below of all “Directors” from companies in the “Hospitality” industry.

Gmail Mail Merge - Import for mail merge


3.  Review and Send – Groove will now queue up these emails for you.  You can review them to make sure everything looks right and then send one by one or in a large batch.  

Gmail Mail Merge - send screen


It is as easy as that.  This simple Gmail mail merge process works for sending to 5 or 500 people.    All of these emails are coming directly out of your inbox.  This means your outreach you will not only save you time but your outreach will also feel more personal.  Groove will even  track all the major engagement metrics for you so you can see exactly when your contacts open, click a link, or respond to your email.  

The next time you need to send a Gmail mail merge feel free to contact us if you have any questions.